We are a mission-driven transformation consultancy that helps businesses achieve strategic change and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving, complex world. Our award-winning team works with organisations to look at business problems with fresh eyes, and deliver optimised and sustainable outcomes to set them up for future success. We help our clients stay ahead of the curve and emerge as trailblazers in their industries.

Future Business Formula

The Future Business Formula Launch Event

We are living in a VUCA world where uncertainty, volatility, complexity, and ambiguity are the new normal. As a business leader, you are facing unprecedented…

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insurance industry discussion

Insuring the Future: Navigating the challenges and opportunities in the insurance sector

The insurance industry has long been known for its stability and predictability, but the rise of new technologies and a more complex operating environment is…

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Transforming Twitter: The importance of an aligned leadership team

It is widely understood that effective business transformation must be sponsored by those ‘at the top’. That’s why an aligned leadership team is pivotal to…

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The Fog of War: Winning the battle for clarity in business transformation

Original certainty around your digital or business transformation can disappear when faced with the reality on the ground. Decisions taken around competing priorities by multiple…

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Measurement – Measure what matters to the customer

The Future Business Formula is my new book that provides insights into the changing landscape of business and how organisations can adapt to succeed. In…

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Principle Twelve: Measurement | The Future Business Formula

‘The Future Business Formula: How to change faster and accelerate business success’ by Adrian Stalham and Mark Gallagher is a fundamental guide on the future…

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The privilege of change is working with people. We break the mould of traditional consulting models by bringing people, processes and technology together to overcome transformation failure and successfully bridging the gap between investment and value realisation. We offer a range of consulting, product and digital services designed to deliver real-world outcomes fast.

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We believe in the power of expert connections. The Change Society™ is Sullivan & Stanley’s community of over 1,000 senior change practitioners with years of client-side experience across a range of sectors. Want to join the interim revolution?

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Sullivan & Stanley helped me transform my company from one of the most traditional bureaucratic organisations, into a product-centred faster delivery FinTech organisation.

SVP Engineering, Financial Services

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Sullivan & Stanley represent the new world of consultancy.

Technology Director, Energy Sector

Sullivan & Stanley's alternative consulting approach has delivered value-based outcomes over short periods of time with an agreed exit strategy that has helped build and deliver sustainable internal capability.

Director of IT, Telco

Having S&S on board to push us through has been critical to the success and enabled us to move to the next phase. You have set frameworks, ways of working and discipline that the whole leadership team and organisation can now use for other projects.

Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives, Retail

It is always a risk working with new people when there is so much change going on. However, the risk has paid off. It's like we have worked together for so long - I know I can rely on you and feel immediate trust.

Head of Change, Housing Sector

Working together with the S&S team together with ours, we were able to deliver the work in record time, which is incredible. And I know from experience from looking at the markets, that it normally takes much longer to do that.

International Retail Client

S&S led us through the change process, trained us, been there so that we avoided the steps back, which would have been very easy to do. It's definitely has been a good relationship with S&S.

CEO, Energy Sector

Having S&S push us through has been critical to the success and enabled us to move to the next phase. You have set frameworks, ways of working and discipline that the whole leadership team and organisation can now use for other projects.

Senior Director, Retail

They focus on the broader change perspective. You're not engaging a typical consultancy that's just coming in to do the job. They may come in and do some work with you but what they also do is engage with you as an organisation.

Commercial Director, Financial Services

Delivering this change was like changing all of the major components of a plane, whilst flying it and with CV19 - flying in fog. I would absolutely recommend S&S as partners to deliver change - the methods and the network.

Chief Technology Officer, Retail

They have really experienced, skilled people and my sense is they are all about trying to solve business challenges, trying to help businesses move forward rather than just delivering X project to the timelines and timescales.

Senior Director of Talent, Software Company

I feel like S&S are very outcome focused, none of that classic consulting stuff like turning up ... and you can’t get them out! They’re definitely more focused on the business outcomes and more people-centric.

Digital & IT Director, Healthcare

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